In late November, Mikey (Operations Director) and I were lucky enough to be invited to attend Braubeviale 2018, a 3 day exhibition in Nuremberg for the beverage industry.

With a view to expanding our current production capacity in the near future this was a perfect opportunity to touch base with some suppliers we already knew about and scope out any that had slipped under the radar.

After a long drive to London in the middle of the night and a short flight to Europe in the early hours, we arrived, somewhat bleary eyed, in Nuremberg and on arrival our expectations were not disappointed.

We were greeted with 12 connected halls containing over 40,000 exhibitors showing some incredible gear.

Over the next 2 days we met with numerous manufacturers spanning 3 continents, and discussed some ideas and options for our expansion and it certainly broadened our scope of what would be achievable over the next year.

We also took the time to drop in on some of our key suppliers that provide us with the quality raw-materials that go into every one of our beers, it was a real pleasure to chat over a pint with all of them.

of course, we also took some time in the evening to explore the city and it’s sights which are beautiful, and if that’s not your cup of tea we also explored the menu in a craft ale bar called “mr Kennedy” which from vague recollection is also particularly beautiful should you ever be in the area

All in all the trip was a great success, its always fascinating to take time away from the coal face in our corner of Cheshire and to have a peek into the industry on a global scale. And with that, provided us some key insights into the way the brewing industry is going and some fresh inspiration in our designs to expand and modernise our brewery, which as a team I know were all eagerly awaiting the day which we get to share with you.

Watch this space,


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