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Are you looking to contract manufacture your next beer? Perhaps even your first? We’re here to help support you in the process with an unrivalled service level. Take a look over the video content below and let us support you in brewing a perfect beer.


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Our award winning brewers love to make beer. Whether it's their beer or yours the same amount of passion and attention will be given to the brew. Our 35hl brewhouse gives a versatile entry level brew length, for people wanting to build volumes, try new things on more versatile kits, or simply brew your first batch of beer. Our brewers love to press the edges of their understanding in their world, so Best bitter to Nitro stout, filtered to fined we have you covered.


We offer a sit down consultancy (over a beer or a brew) to discuss the parameters of your beer, what you want to do with it, sales wise and flavour wise, how you want to package it, store it, deliver it, even sell it - offering our industry experience and guidance where required. We then apply one of our brewers to manage your brew from the recipe development, mashing in to full fermentation, and packaging, giving you one to one support, and access to the information you will require to look after your beloved beer.

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We’ve experienced the unbearable pain of a bad brew enough times, to know you don’t want to.

Let us guide you to a perfect beer.