Off the back of a great response to our “Créme Bearlee” since it’s introduction, 18 months ago. We decided that a perfect way to complement the hustle and bustle of the festive season would be to brew a one-off imperial version of our dessert-inspired stout.

So we set about it. We made some tweaks to the malt bill but it remained primarily unchanged blending in dark crystal, wheat malt and torrefied barley, With a mind to keep the majority of the malty character and sweetness which made its lower ABV counterpart so approachable to stout-enthusiast and stranger alike.

In addition, to obtain the gravity needed for us to reach our target ABV we also added a hefty quantity of molasses sugar which had to be broken apart and dissolved into the wort by hand before boiling. A blend of Admiral and challenger hops help to add some slight bitterness as to not let the rich sweetness from the sugars completely steal the show.

If you’ve not already given it a go, it’s definitely worth a try and extremely hard to believe that’s its 9% ABV considering it’s drinkability. As a first incarnation, we’re really glad how creme Bearlee’s big brother turned out and we look forward to bringing to life more new creations for you in the very near future. If you fancy giving it a try, it’s available on tap in several good craft outlets in the North West including the Beer Dock Group, where you can find it in bottles too.



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