Before anyone gets slightly involved in the blogs that I will be spurting out over the many years to come, I feel it is only fair that I give everyone (I say boldly, hoping a kind soul takes the time to read this) a quick introduction of myself and where my passion and love for beer has stemmed from.

Within the brewery there are currently three Michael’s working here, so I would like to formally introduce myself as Mikey. My official job title is “operations director”, what this means so far I am not sure as each and every day brings on a whole host of fresh challenges and exciting opportunities to pursue and stumble through. The life of working in a family business, eh. One of those is currently exploring the possibility of moving site and expanding the brewery (very exciting times, which I will keep people posted with as often as possible; or if you have any questions you more than likely to find me in the Beartown Tap or White Lion)

To be completely honest, I was never fond of ale. It was simply something I would drink to impress my Dad when we were sat in the pub, forcing each gulp down with a grimace whilst he chuckled to himself full well knowing that I was not a fan (joke is on him of course, as he always paid) before returning to the old faithful, fruity cider.

After years of pretending to enjoy the occasional pint of “old man beer” I packed my bags and disappeared abroad. Whilst living the dream and drinking many fruity ciders guilt free of my dads judgemental glare, I actually got a drunken Facetime off my brother and dad (Joe and Dave by the way)”MIKEY, WE’VE BOUGHT A BREWERY!” Oh no!!! I feel like they were calling my bluff of grimacing through all them pints and they were purely doing this to spite me. So once I returned home I felt it was time to give this “old man beer” a real go. Much too my surprise there was ale beyond the boundaries of what knew. IPA’s, DIPA’s, carbonated beer and even the odd fruity one just for old times sake.  This is how I began to find my feet in truly enjoying beer and drinking things that took me out of my comfort zone. Now days if you were to find me in a pub you would most likely find me with a pint “of old mans beer” and truly enjoying it. I hope none of you try to call my bluff here, that grimace has been mastered over the years.



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