The Adventure Starts Here!!!

Welcome to Beartown – The Adventure Starts Here!!!

2020 has been a roller coaster ride for so many of us, me included!!!! Gainfully employed was soon replaced by furlough and ultimately redundancy, and with the hospitality trade in various degrees of lock-down, the future was looking pretty bleak.

With a wealth of industry experience, from pub landlord, through wholesale sales executive to brewery business development manager, you hope that somewhere there is a company looking for someone with your knowledge and enthusiasm. And so, after some interesting ZOOM meetings, several unforeseen delays, and a huge dose of ‘being in the right place at the right time’, my Beartown adventure could finally begin.

Two months down the line, my life as a Beartown Brewery Business Development Manager could not be more varied. During these exceptionally challenging times, it really is all hands on deck, with no job less or more important than another, when the priority is getting the job done!! Suffice to say, the Beartown team are the very essence of ‘pack’ mentality; great communication, dedication to a common goal, and inclusive success. I truly believe that these qualities shine through in the quality and integrity of Beartown Beer, and I am honoured to be invited to help plan this journey, as Beartown forges its way towards national recognition.

The challenges in the marketplace are there for all to see, however there is much to look forward to, and a huge part of my role will be to reconnect with my new and existing free trade customers. Being able to get face-to-face with customers old and new presents the opportunity to build solid trade relationships, based on trust, and an understanding of how each venue works, and I look forward, with great excitement, to bringing the ‘Beartown Gospel’ (yes, that is a bible reference), to the masses.

What the few months has allowed, is a great deal of planning. As a team, the challenge will be to choose our routes to market carefully, engaging with key wholesale, pub group and retail partners along the way. A huge amount of work has been done on this already, and I am excited to see how this builds in 2021. 

So in a nutshell, we have a great brand, a highly skilled team, and a market place ready to fly (as soon as the shackles are released)…….these really are the ‘BEAR’ necessities of life as a brewery, and I’m ready to ROAR!!!!!!

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