The irrational fear of the number 13 has been given a scientific name: “triskaidekaphobia”  Well there’s no triskaidekaphobes here, as on this day (November 13th 2020) we were presenting beer to our Premiership rugby heroes.  

We are all avid followers of Sale Sharks, and it’s not very often you get to personally supply your favourite rugby team with your own Craft Beer.   So when “Franklyn Financial management” a new Sharks sponsor, and a Congleton based wealth management company, asked us to create the bespoke gift packs for the players and training team, we roared at the opportunity.

Ben rocked up to the Sale Sharks training ground with a van full of beer, and 2 rule dress code.

  1. Rep the Bears,

 – Congleton RUFC Bears, in the form of a snood.  Ben, and other members of the team have deep rooted links to CRUFC, – 3rd oldest club in the world ( just saying )  

– And of course the Bears that he works with at Beartown Brewery, in the form of our undeniable chequered shirt.  

    2. Wear trousers. 

  • Not because it was cold, but through consideration for our Sale boys body image, as he didnt want to unsettle them with an inferiority complex at this early stage in the season.  

Thanks, Franklyn Financial management for keeping it local, and hopefully the craft ale went down as well as the tries will for Sale Sharks this year.

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