Forgive me for this is my first blog post. You’ll normally find my organising beer deliveries across Cheshire, Manchester and Liverpool! However I thought it was important to pause for a moment to talk about the momentous arrival of Beartown Lager for our Congleton based home delivery beer service and nationwide craft beer deliveries. We’ve been asked for some time by loyal Beartowners to bring Beartown lager into a format that can be placed lovingly alongside our Beartown fridge packs, and we’ve taken the time gained from a slowing of pace in the trade to do just this! Since it’s launch, Beartown lager has reached homes through our north west local beer delivery service to great acclaim! A beer we’re proud of that perfectly compliments the British summer time! You will often find me drinking rich and hearty stouts and traditional brown bitters like our Creme Bearlee and Bearskinful, however I do harbour a secret love for local Lagers (and cream flow bitter, but that’s a conversation for another day) and Beartown lager is no expectation! In the craft beer world lager is often seen as a fairly ubiquitous proposition and registers fairly low on topics of conversation among enthusiasts. We’re aiming to buck that trend through a simple, refined  and clean take on a refreshing staple. A local craft lager to be proud of. Join me in raising a glass to the tradition, time and craft that goes into producing a local quality lager! Enjoy it unashamedly, with pride and safe in the knowledge that you don’t have to drink a bitter or triple hopped IPA to support your local craft brewery. Give us a call or visit our website to get your beer delivered locally or via our nationwide beer delivery service.



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