Life on a SORN. – sucks to be a furloughed driver.

Well as the main man that is Bozza has put a very small light at the end of this shit show, I have given some time to reflect on what lockdown and furlough life has been like.
Each day is very much like groundhog day, wake, eat, watch TV, sleep and repeat.
I’m going to say that I’ve completed lockdown. Don’t think there is anything stream-able that I haven’t watched. I have even picked up the odd book, not read it just using them as weights for my new exercise regime.
I’d say my biggest achievement is that I have started to put my physical well being top of my priorities and have shed a couple stone and taken up running. Start of this lockdown I thought I was smashing 5k’s out under 30mins….i then bought a GPS route and realised that I was averaging closer to 40mins….i am actually down to 35mins now though.
There isn’t really a lot more to say other than get me back on that road, moaning about traffic and inconsiderate drivers!

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