Hibearnation Pack Update

We’ve been in lock down for too long now, but it hasn’t stopped us having a bit of fun and interaction with you guys (our customers). 

Through the platform of zoom our head brewer and MD, have hosted 2 online tasting sessions, working through some of our range, weighing in on the builds flavours and styles of ours and other beers.  There’s been a healthy dose of competitive knowledge, attempts to catch each other out, and questions in and around beer, politics and personal life. 

For us it’s a legitimate reason to kick back and have a beer with friends – which is exactly what we all want to do. 

We have one more month of viewer interaction before lock down begins to “un” – lock. ( april 12th) 

So just to spice it up for a last roll of the dice this side of restrictions, we thought we would  capture some audience questions prior to the meeting, to give you the opportunity to ask what you really want to know, make us squirm, and add as much value as we can. 

Rumour has it there is a desire to hear more anecdotal stories of brewing days gone by, and more to the point, the problems encountered. – So there will be a sprinkle of that thrown in.

And regarding the beers we will go over a few additional / substitute beers, to keep it fruity.

We hope to see you all there so add the Hibearnation Pack to your basket today. 

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