HiBEARnation beer festival


As April the 12th fast approaches we at Beartown,( and the rest of the world ) are slowly turning our ships to catch those trade winds once more. 

We have worked tirelessly to sell our beer over the past 12 months, capturing most of our sales directly from consumers, – it has been a gratifying experience, and a brilliant opportunity to promote our brands.  Hopefully those customers that have had a taste of the sweet nectar Beartown produces will be banging down the pubs doors asking for our products to be made available in their local.

We have no intention of stopping our direct delivery service to people’s homes, but as a business we need to start getting back to our bread and butter – pubs. 

So, how do you stand out from the noise, when everyone is shouting and asking you to buy their beer. 

Easy, a solid bear pun (which we’ve built our business on ) and some quality ales. 

We’re offering a “HiBEARnation” beer festival to celebrate the end of the past 12 months of hibernation, and to welcome in the spring weather and return to beer gardens. 

  • Its one thing to open up your beer garden for drinkers, but to open it up with a beer festival…. That’s a statement of intent for 2021 at your site. 

So what does that look like, 

  • Up to 12 casks – all cellar jacket cooled
  • 4 keg lines and all dispensing equipment.
  • A Bear for a day. ( to come and talk about the products) 
  • Promotional posters for your site.

In summary, you buy the beer and provide the garden space, and we’ll do the rest.( gazebo not included) 

We’re offering this through the first 2 months as we come out of  lock down, and we will re-evaluate the viability of it moving forward from the 21st of June. 

Contact us if your interested on 01260 299964 

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