Free pint, small wine or hot drink with your Click and collect!

As the world reorders itself due to the madness that is going on around  us, we too must adjust the way we operate to remain effective in our day to day. 

Due to the rising costs of fuel, malt, energy,.. well basically everything around us, we have had to stop our free home delivery service.  We will be able to fulfill all orders placed online, for a nominal fee of £6. (That’s from Congleton to Cornwall, to Scotland)

That being said, this doesn’t feel altogether fair to those of you who live on our doorstep, and have supported us through our darkest times (COVID) so we thought we could add a little bit of value back to those of you who are up for an adventure down to Beartown Brewery.

When picking up your Click and collects, or spontaneous purchases.  If you spend over £50 it would be our pleasure to offer you a delicious glass of fresh from tank beer, … a coffee, tea, or a glass of wine. Please just show your order confirmation email at the bar!

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