Welcome to Beartown Brewery's
Six Connections Partnership

At Beartown Brewery, we’re all about community. It’s about those social chats over a beer, the laughter, and hanging around with your mates. But it’s also about something more profound – it’s about real, honest conversations, even when things get a bit tougher.

Our Partnership with Six Connections

We’re proud to announce our partnership with Six Connections, a mental health organisation that shares our values. Together, we aim to encourage open, honest conversations about mental health. We believe that these conversations should happen not just in times of crisis, but in the good times too. And what’s more normal than grabbing a beer with a mate?

Starting Conversations Before the Crisis

Life is full of challenges, and we all face them. Six Connections is all about helping mates talk and support each other in both the good times and the challenging ones. We want to start conversations before they become crises.

Keep It Simple

We often ask, “How are you?” but sometimes, the ability to listen when you do can be daunting. We say, “Keep It Simple.” A great-tasting beer can be a great conversation starter. Let’s bring mental health into your normal.

Don't Overthink

A simple act of wanting to know what’s upsetting someone is powerful. It can be all that’s needed. A smile or a positive word can change someone’s outlook.

Know Your Place

First and foremost, make sure you’re okay. You can only help others if you’re okay yourself. You don’t have to be the fix. Simply listening and supporting the next steps is how we can all be #PoweredByMates.

More Information and Support

Support is all about your connections. Here are some organisations that can provide assistance: