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Guided Tours

Learn about the brewing process and sample our fine ales!

Walk around the heart of brewing excellence and take a step into tradition with your brewery guide. After a short but informative introduction held in the brewery foyer, you will be accompanied around the brewery. 

Whilst learning about each individual process you will be able to enjoy the fresh taste of the various malts, the aroma of hops and the texture of yeast. The definition of such terms as "mashing", "Wort" and "Rousing" will be explained to you.
During your tour you will have the opportunity to sample  our products within the brew house, and purchase mementos of your visit from the brewery shop. Sample drinks are included in the cost of the tour.

Group numbers are limited to parties of minimum 10 people and 25 people maximum. All tours must be pre-booked and dates are subject to availability. There is a non-refundable charge of 8.75 per head for the tour (excluding food) which is payable one week prior to the date of tour.

A finger buffet is available on request priced at 4.25 per head which will be served at The Beartown Tap at the end of the tour.

Due to popular demand we have now reorganised our tour schedule and are able to accept bookings for group tours at 2pm, 4pm and 6pm each Saturday.  
( Bookings are limited to parties of minimum 12 people and 25 people maximum and subject to avaiability. We reserve the right to refuse bookings.)

For information on available dates and bookings please call 01260 299964. 

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