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Our Brewery

The award winning Beartown Brewery, Congleton

Since forming in 1994, the Beartown Brewery has produced a range of quality and distinctive award winning cask conditioned ales and stouts under the watchful eye of Head Brewer, Ian Burns. "Hops are what Beartown beer is all about" says Ian.

"Each variety has it's own special flavours and characteristics, but we use a variety of  hops, sourced from across the globe to achieve bitterness and aromas to complement the wide range of beers that we produce. This is achieved through a mixture of knowledge, experience, and no small amount of experimentation.

Taste testing has also been known to help!" One of Ian's sayings here at the brewery is that "Great beers, not unlike fine wines, have a range of flavours and character. All are crafted from the finest natural ingredients for you to savour and enjoy, on a relaxing evening on their own or with a complementary meal."

"The pure waters of Cheshire are also a great help to our beers and although brewing is a mixture of science and art, the purity of ingredients ensure a wholesome and completely natural drinking experience."

Ian is by no means alone in his pursuit of quality and there is a team who help his pursuit of innovation in traditional brewing methods. The team are constantly searching for more unique recipes to add to the range, chocolate and pepper have been whispered around Bromley House it is rumoured. Beartown Brewery ales are supplied to selected local outlets, and distributed nationally via a number of specialist cask ale wholesalers.

The brewery's range of ales are also in constant demand at beer festivals organised by CAMRA, including the annual Great British Beer Festival held at Olympia in London. In addition to producing its own regular range and seasonal ales, the brewery also provides speciality brews to customer specifications for festivals, pubs and wholesalers.


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